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With great pleasure we introduce ourselves as Sumangal Forging Pvt. Ltd. (SFPL), a member of Sumangal Group of Companies, well known in Indian Market as manufacturer and exporters of Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel & Stainless Steel Forgings & Machining of Components for Automotive, Valve & General Engineering Applications. SFPL is considered as one of the best manufacturing units in developing and manufacturing of Forged Machined Parts, equipped with advance in house technology along with various engineering facilities, with highest quality functionality and cost effectiveness.

SFPL commenced close die steel forging manufacturing activity in 1994 and have over the year established as the leading supplier of duly heat treated forgings. The forged parts are supplied with precision machined and heat treated to automobile and other industries around the globe. Almost more then 70% of our production is supplied to Original Equipments (OE) manufacturing.

SFPL have integrated high quality equipments, advanced engineers, well trained technicians and even when needed, on site operators to enhance R&D activities and this makes SFPL to support current production technology and improve manufacturing process, which are critical to meet the demands of tomorrow.

The production and development of components is supported by a team of relevant field experienced Directors to cover design and manufacturing even of complex products, own tools, selecting proper raw material, process controls, quality control testing inspection and many more.

Our plant is situated at Veraval (Shapar) industrial zone of Rajkot (Gujarat) India. The facilities available with our various departments include Forge Shop, Die Shop, Cutting Department, Tool Room, Physical Testing, Composition Testing, Heat treatment, Inspection & Testing and CNC Machine Shop. Our product range includes Connecting Rods, Shafts, Gears, Cam Shaft and Valves Body-Bonnet, etc.

Contact person : Mr. Kalpesh Patel (Executive Director)
Capital Employed : US $ 6 Million
Annual Turnover : US $ 7.0 Million
Plant area : Total area :
Covered area :
Open Area :
15,000.00 Sq. Mtr.
10,000.00 Sq. Mtr.
5,000.00 Sq. Mtr.
Production capacity : 5000 M.T./Annum
Working staff : Total 120 Persons
Technical :
Supervisor :
Skilled Workers :

15 Persons
10 Persons
15 Persons
Job Handling Capacity : from 1.0 Kgs. to 15 Kgs.
Materials Offered : Carbon steel, Alloy steel, Stainless steel
Location : Rajkot
Veraval (Shapar)

Nearest Airport : Rajkot
Rajkot - Veraval (Shapar) : 18 Km.
Email : - [email protected]
- [email protected]

Business philosophy

Our philosophy is to find the best engineering solution for the customer's particular requirements, which results in the creation of long standing commercial relationships built on mutual trust and understanding. The Group prides itself in having a very close working relationship with its customers and has a much focused market driven philosophy.

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